38.5 weeks and a guide on what NOT to say to me

If you're one of the people checking in with / on me in the next 10 days, please beware of the following:

  • If you're calling and then follow up with why my baby will be late, I will hang up.
  • If you're calling and then telling me to relax these last days/ weeks, I will hang up.
  • If you're calling to tell me that I should be patient, I will hang up.
  • If you're calling to tell me how much bigger I will get, I will hang up. 
  • If you're calling to tell me that I won't sleep after delivery, so I should sleep now, I will hang up.

Right now, I'm in a position like during the marathon taper. I am preparing for a really big race, however I don't know when that race will start. In addition, I'm dealing with some real and not imagined discomforts. 

Sleep has been patchy and my feet are swollen. I'm still working normal hours and I've developed a condition called de Quervain's which means I wake up in the morning with stiff and painful hands that feel like I've been clenching them all night. Unclenching them is really painful. Working early in the morning takes some massaging and warmth and it usually subsides by midday. But it's not ideal. 

I'm naturally a doer so I don't like being passive waiting for an occurrence that could happen in an hour or in two weeks. Once labor starts, at least I will feel like I can do something. Chris has been a lot more zen but then again, he's not the one trying to sleep with a 25lb medicine ball strapped to his belly. 

Other than that, things have been good. I don't have as much energy to keep up with my workout schedule as I would love to but the times that I fit in a workout feel really good. I also am still able to run which is incredible considering that my belly is getting quite large. But mostly I've been heeding people's advice and cutting back a bit more. 

When I talk to women in Europe, they are all under the assumption that I am on maternity leave as they all were weeks before their due date. Talking to women in NYC, makes it clear that nobody was cut any slack when pregnant here and most women worked late into their pregnancies at the normal rate. 

I'll definitely be updating the blog on my postpartum journey as that's the other area in which cultures of my past and present collide. For now, I'll just dwiddle my thumbs until my body and this baby boy decide to change the current situation.