36 weeks and floored by all the love


my name is Roma. I like running, croissants, my work and good coffee. I dislike, stability belts for when I'm 20+lbs heavier, running only 4 miles and feeling like no amount of sleep is enough...

This past week I've been thinking more about labour and delivery, I've watched some birth videos and I've talked to girlfriends about their experiences. It is pretty unanimous that most women regardless of how long and difficult their labour was, are able to block that part out and focus on the good - being a new mom!

Given my very physical work and my love for being physically active, I would love to move on to the next phase and being a new mom and of course meeting our little man. Then start my postpartum journey. Alas, I suppose this is the one thing that I can not control, so I am begrudgingly "exercising" as much patience as I can. 

One of the things that I didn't expect and that have caught me off guard is the immense kindness, support and love that has flooded mine and Chris' way. From our non-shower baby shower, to the numerous baby gifts or phone sessions on what is essential to put on a registry (many of my items were deemed superfluous) to a surprise shower in one of my group workouts.

I've broken into sweat, been flabbergasted, forgot to have more donut and been on the verge of tears more than once. 


It's a very emotional time for me as I remembered the 20th anniversary of my dad's passing while awaiting his first grandson. I prefer to give than to receive and I usually hate surprises. 


But friends got me good several times over the past few weeks. And although I protested, have showered me with love that has felt almost undeserving. 

However, I am so happy that this little life in me is already so loved and I want the best for him now and going forward so I'm opening my heart wide and receiving all this love for him and us. 

To everyone who has been there during this pregnancy, every word of wisdom, every item that we received, every act of kindness, every bit of support, I thank you for it.