The Berlin Diaries: Week 4


Fourth week of my Berlin Diaries. Enjoy! June 15th (W4/D1): New week and a steamy first easy run. First track workout tomorrow!! #theberlindiaries #berlinmarathon

June 16th (W4/D2): 8x 800m with 2 mins rest. The only time I could find for the workout was 3pm. What was I thinking??!! The session went ok. Not great, but ok. #theberlindiaries #berlinmarathon

June 17th (W4/D3): Rest Day :) #theberlindiaries #berlinmarathon

June 18th (W4/D4): The mileage creeps up. The next few days will have recovery days at 8 miles (unusual for me) and then a 14 mile long run (that I'm kinda looking forward to). #theberlindiaries #berlinmarathon

June 19th (W4/D5): Easy recovery run with Zola but I have to say fitting in 8 miles before work is hard. #theberlindiaries #berlinmarathon

June 20th (W4/D6): Today's workout had to be fit in before 8am and a big work event. Phew... good think it was an easy run. #theberlindiaries #berlinmarathon

June 21st (W4/D7): First 14 mile run of the segment, woohoo. Pre run nutrition as well as GU strategy went amazingly and resulted in sub 8 min pace in 90% humidity. #theberlindiaries #berlinmarathon