Colourful Kale - Tasty Tuesday


Who says, fall and winter have to be drab? They can be colourful like in this pepper and kale dish. As a child if you had asked me if I liked the idea of having this as a side for dinner, I wouldn't have been thrilled. Today I like it a lot. It's easy, there is an abundance of kale and with the right spices it turns into a very satisfying dish. And here is how it goes: Wash the kale and shake dry or spin in a salad spinner. Heat 1-2 Tbs of EVOO and roast 2 cloves of garlic in a pan (don't dice them) until they release aroma without burning them.  Then add the kale little by little, letting it wilt down just enough to add more. Once the whole batch is in, season it with salt and pepper to taste and start adding one sliced pepper (ha! see what I did here? From pepper to pepper...). Red, yellow and orange peppers will give the dish a sweeter taste, than the green one and I personally like that. As soon as you see the pepper softening sprinkle some coconut flakes on it and you can add Chinese five spice too (1/2 teaspoon). Finish it off with freshly squeezed lemon juice right after you take it out of the pan and toss it. ENJOY!