Monday Moves: Hip openers


Have you ever done hip openers in yoga and felt like crying but the good type? Well, that's what they are good for. Opening the hips releases negative emotions and is a powerful point on the mind body connection. And this quote from the Yoga Journal sums it up really well: "We hold stress and negative emotions—such as fear, guilt, and sadness—in our pelvis, [...] it's particularly important to do poses that move prana (life force) through that area. "You know your junk drawer at home?" [...] "The pelvis is like the body's junk drawer. Whenever you don't know what to do with a feeling or experience, you put it there." In the photo you see me in ankle to knee position with my finger tips on the ground. You can also place both palms on the ground in front of you and then try straightening the legs. My hamstrings are tightening up as we speak of it. Try and keep your hips leveled and press the knee actively down to support the move. Hold for 5 deep breaths and see how you feel.