How to relax as a type A person (woman)


So this past month I ran 229 miles, that is almost 370km and more than we ran as a team during Hood to Coast. I look at the number and I'm proud, happy, tired and... ready to relax. But it has also been busier with work and particularly on Saturdays, which meant that my long run days have coincided with two workshops and a regular class. Being type A, I pushed through and continued on with only one day per week off. Until it caught up with me. how to relax

So today, as of now... I am taking the day off. A Wednesday, while everyone else is working. I will change into comfy pants, read, watch TV, eat Nutella on toast, maybe some ice-cream in the middle of the day and since it's grey and rainy outside I may not even set foot outside.

This made me think about why this seems so crazy and after sending out emails and following up with people this morning, I've decided as a last task of today to write a blog post: "how to relax as a type A person."

Many women I know cringe at the word 'type A' but I see it as a description of the do-it-all women of today that don't really have a different option. They run households, they run errands, they run marathons. They tend to running noses, they run companies, and they run out of steam just as everyone else.

Not being active seems equal to being lazy and wasting time.

But it doesn't have to be! Me time lets us re-charge, rewire and re-evaluate. I have a friend who sometimes goes into hiatus and doesn't communicate with anyone but instead tends to what her body and mind need.

Here is my list of things that I do on a me day:

  • I don't take 500 showers and LOVE it. On a normal day I now shower 3 times or more so not having to do that feels fun.
  • I eat all day because I don't have to time it around my marathon training or training clients.
  • I finally pluck my eyebrows ...
  • I nap, a lot! And cuddle my dog.
  • I watch terrible TV or all the Youtube videos I meant to watch but didn't get around to.
  • I try not to talk on the phone or email too much because I usually talk to people a lot.
  • I don't move much... I run, train, run to clients all the time. So even though it's unhealthy today I will sit on my butt and not do anything.

There's my list! Tomorrow I'll get back on the waggon... 10 mile tempo run and 4 appointments.


What do you do when you have some time to take for yourself?

I look forward to hearing it.