Words on Wednesday: In the Zone


... phew! We moved, our puppy has not been to the vet in almost 4 weeks and all boxes are unpacked. I'm back in the zone. I mentioned in my last posts that life has been hectic. Unlike other New Yorkers, we didn't enjoy a leisurely August/ summer, but were frantic with our businesses and many changes in our lives.

But now things are becoming more regular again, predictable, and I have great news: I have partnered with Melt Massage here in beautiful Fort Greene and will be leading 'Body Sculpt' SOON! Stay tuned for my brand-new newsletter later this week!

So what do I do, when things are becoming more regular? I do three things: a 5 day detox, explore opportunities for expansion and I finally get back in the zone with my running, or more precisely I sign up for a 5k race Miles for Midwives: http://miles4midwivesnyc.kintera.org/chittawellness

But first things first: many of my friends and clients alike gasped and then laughed hysterically when I announced I was going on a five day cleanse. That tells you something. But I did and here is my conclusion after 120 hours of no sugar, caffeine, dairy, alcohol, and CARBS. Deprivation doesn't work. I am a very disciplined person when I have to be and I stuck with it, I had two protein shakes a day, one green juice and other than that only grilled chicken breast with greens (drizzled with lemon juice), lots of herbal tea, and some veggie snacks (cucumber mainly). I don't want to be too negative, cutting out sugar reduced my body's inflammation, I slept better and felt rested when I (ever) woke up, it was nice not to put too much emphasis on food and my digestion was much better.

However, I was tired on the verge of weak a lot, I allowed myself to sleep in the afternoon but I would still be dead tired at 9pm and needed to go to bed. I was cranky and exercising was no fun. All I could master apart from my work, were a few light runs for about 30 minutes. I sat next to my husband who had Ramen while I picked at the pickled daikon and all I could think of were the things that were forbidden. So on Saturday morning I had a cup of coffee with milk and some healthy cereal with fruit and nuts. Later in the day I had eggs and toast and in the evening I enjoyed a friend's dinner party guilt-less, Vinho Verde included.

And guess what? On Sunday I ran for 45 minutes and didn't even feel it. My body was strong and happy and energized and nourished. Which brings us to what I did next.

When my body recovered from the shock of being malnourished, I became much more creative again. I wrote to people, reached out, came up with a group class concept and connected with people. One result is that Becky Raik of Melt Massage and I hugged it out after a cool first meeting and there are more things to come in the next months that make me happy.

Which brings me to the zone, my zone... My body has felt so good that yesterday I thought I would test it and see if I could run over an hour. After 4 years in which I battled sciatica for 3, and worked hard to recover from it, I ran for 75 minutes strong and fast. It's hard to explain what kind of a breakthrough this is for me. It's a connection to my Kenyan roots, it gives me shivers and goosebumps and makes me run around (Prospect Park) with a silly smile on my face. It is focus and release at the same time, it's a testament to the body's ability to heal and it's a sense of freedom from things that weigh me down.

What have you done since summer break was over? Did you have great breakthroughs. Tell me and if you like this article, share, comment and like!

I look forward to hearing from you!