Love yourself...


... enough to lead a healthy lifestyle. I posted a photo on Instagram today because I realized that the more people enjoy leading a healthy lifestyle, the better they usually are at it.

Most people associate discipline and hard work with a healthy lifestyle. They think, if they sign up for a gym although they don't like gyms, they have a reason to go and they then either waste the membership or drag themselves before and after work to get on fitness machines that bore them.

Why do I know this? Because I've been there. When I couldn't run, I tried this routine for a while. I paid way too much for a gym membership that I used initially and then wasted. I would drag myself out of bed to get on the elliptical and because I didn't really want to watch anything on TV but couldn't use my hands to doodle on my phone, I would plug in my headphones and call friends in Germany to chat. I hate people who chat on the phone while working out...

But it was the only way I could fathom staying on the machine for 45 minutes.

love yourself

Suffice to say this routine didn't last long and ultimately I probably wasted the second 6 months of my annual membership by not going at all.

This changed when I discovered Kung Fu for myself. Sidenote: If theres anything I hate more than fitness machines, it's working out after getting out of the office. But somehow with Kung Fu it wasn't a problem. I organized my days around getting out of the office earlier, even paid for a cab to get there on time and made sure I never went less than 3 times per week. It did wonders to my leg strength, my posture and core but most importantly it reignited the spark that I could be fit in a fun way again.

Now my easy days of running consist of 45-60 minutes and some of my nicest runs have been with my running buddy K. with up to 2 hours... It's tiring, sweaty, hard sometimes but 90% of the time something I look forward to. Regardless what time in the day and in what conditions.

I wish you the same!!

Here are my tips to getting there:

  • If you have been sedentary for a while, make small gradual changes like incorporating a few days a week during which you eat well and take care of yourself. 
  • Ease into exercise and try them all! What doesn't work for me, could very well work for you.
  • Mix it up if one thing is too boring.
  • Don't mix it up in your diet during the 'good days' if that means you'll get tempted by over sugaring, overindulging, but instead keep it simple.
  • Find companions. I have assigned people as training partners that never met before and they never meet outside of training. But suffering, I mean sweating alongside someone else, is motivating when you lack your own inspiration.
  • Pay attention to what makes you feel good. Is it Savasana or burning legs, pushing yourself in the pool or shooting hoops with friends. The things that stay in your mind and make you happy are the ones that you should keep with.

Now, all of that said, it won't always be fun and games. It's definitely good to stick with it through a bumpier period or when you've had to sit out injury related and are coming back in. But the more you make it a lifestyle the more it becomes ingrained in you.

And then, it's a true act of self love.

Tell me if you agree in the comments!