Max is 6 months old

Just like that, our baby is half a year old. I still can't believe it. But I also think that so far, this is the most fun phase we have had with him. He is alert and expressive, he gargles, chats, laughs out loud and interacts in ways that he hasn't before. He has also learned certain life skills I have come to appreciate even more. Like falling asleep anywhere. Something I had mastered (before baby) proudly. 


At his six month appointment, Max weighed in at 18.5 lbs so about 8kg and 30 inches or 76 cm. According to our doctor, he is tall for a 10-month old and off the charts. He told her how happy he was about that in many "batoo, batoo, batoo" sounds until she gave him his vaccination, which was first received with crying and then a staccato of angry complaints. 


Max has also begun two days at daycare and is loving the attention and adoration from some older children. I mostly assume that his increase in verbal activity is due to hearing songs and book reading with children who will do the animal sounds for him and show him how the "itsy bitsy spider goes up the water spout". Whatever they do there, cracks him up and the first day he was too excited to eat and came home ravenous. 


So it is safe to say, that Max is still thriving. Soon he will probably attempt to crawl for real and our apartment is in dire need of some child-proofing. Zola who already leaves the room when he reaches for her, may never recover from the angst of a tightly closed baby fist that had grabbed her ear. My dream of seeing these two become best friends, may need to weather the storm of erratic movement versus neurotic tendencies, first. 

Summer has flown by and so have ten weeks of marathon training. Unfortunately not for me. Marathon training for me is usually a meticulous affair of planning my workouts, getting up early, stretching, yoga, recovery, naps and eating well. But since 4 months postpartum, my thyroid has been wreaking havoc on my health and I would be lying if I said that it hasn't left me a bit depressed and desperate. 


Watching Team Every Mother Counts take on Berlin, has certainly re-lit the hunger for a big marathon PR but right now my body just won't cooperate. So I am taking a backseat, coaching more than running and cheering on the accomplishments of others. 

There is also the small issue of a hernia repair that looms. So after initially planning to delay the surgery until after November 5th, I will most likely bite the bullet and do it in October. So that I can finish 2017 on the up and heal and attack 2018 hopefully feeling closer to my old self. 

In all this, Chris and I are slowly finding our stride as a couple/ parents, too. Another topic that I have discussed at length with clients and friends and one that isn't easy for anyone. Definitely a topic that deserves its own blog entry. For now, I leave you with more baby photos and a heartfelt thank you for reading, supporting and being in my life.