Max is 7 months old

... and I had surgery. This is becoming a bit of a theme. Max gets better and I'm breaking down a little bit. But this is finally it. After overcoming a pyogenic granuloma, thyroiditis and an inguinal hernia (I'll leave it up to you to google each) I am now convinced that all of the postpartum issues are behind me. And I can not wait to ring in 2018. 

While healing, I spent the first days in bed, on strong pain medication, not moving much and marveling at how well Chris took care of dog, baby and me. He walked them in the morning, helped me get comfortable in bed, often brought me tea or snacks and let me obsess over the size of my incision or the discomfort I was feeling and the fact that I would never ever be fit again. 

Going into surgery as healthy as I was, is a strange feeling. I had just overcome the thyroid problems and was feeling fit and strong. Taking Max along to work in the carrier with his 19 lbs and pushing him running in the jogger, felt very easy. I knew deep down that the hernia issue would need to be addressed eventually, so I took the plunge. Within 12 hours I went from going to bed healthy to waking up from general anesthesia in pain, dizzy and unable to stand without getting nauseous. 

Now, one week post surgery, I have seen my acupuncturist who reminded me that healing takes a lot of energy and is draining on the body. It was good to see her and actually feel that my body responded to the needles in a different way. They felt sharper and she switched them because my body wasn't ready for the treatment as we usually do it. As always, it took a day or two to sink in and as I'm typing this today, my incision feels a lot better, I have close to no hernia discomfort and I have been able to move around with more ease. 


A lot of friends came to visit, which always reminds me how I like to host people at home more. Not necessarily when I'm unwell but I love spending longer stretches of time with people without the rush of a bustling cafe and in the comfort of my home. Friends brought me sweets, they brought their babies, they helped carry Max so that Chris could leave home and get some time for himself and they made me feel better and less isolated. I really cherish that feeling. 

In all this, Max has been so good. We are trailing everyone his age in the teeth department. They have been coming for a long time but not here yet. He has had some discomfort but is sleeping it off and handling it pretty well. Max has learned to entertain himself on his playmat and loves a good rattle, his Baby Einstein radio, stuffed koala, various teething rings and just lying on his back testing different sounds at the front and back of his throat. 

I can not believe that October is coming to an end. I finally bought Max a winter wardrobe because throughout summer he was practically naked most of the time. A lot of the clothes we had were still hand me downs but since he's growing like a weed and is now several inches taller than the baby boy who is three months older and who we were receiving clothes from. The sizes I bought for this 7 month old boy are 12 months for upper body and up to 18 months for legs. 

This next year should be an exciting one. Chris and I feel that we've been better able to parent with each passing month. We are besotted with Max and Zola and loving this little family of ours. There are obviously days when two businesses, a young child and NYC daily life feel more stressful but on the whole, we've grown into these new shoes - until they expand again. Upon which I shall write a new post.