Max is 11 weeks old

Just this morning I was sitting down with friends and reflecting on the past three months telling them how rough a newborn can be on life, marriage, sanity and equilibrium. While there was a lot of laughter (because we're coming out the other end), it is also crazy to think back to the first week we brought Max home. He looked like a little alien but to us he was the most beautiful baby in the world. Now we look back at some of the photos and have to admit that hormones and sleep deprivation may have played a role in our perception. But as Chris likes to say: "it never pays to peak too early"...


Now that Max reacts, discovers, imitates and recognizes voices, faces and objects, he's actually a lot more fun to be around. He's also sleeping better so inadvertently the focus comes back to us, individually and as a couple. We've taken him to our favourite dinner place and for the first time he wasn't either snoozing or attached to me but sat in my lap and laughed with the bartender. As we were beaming with pride. Can we elevate a high chair to fit the bar next time? So fun! We're back to high-fiving each other at how great we are doing just like the first week when we were flying high on happy hormones. 

Max is also showing some more of his personality: impatient when kept waiting for food, curious when riding in the stroller, delighted when listening to music, amused when watching Zola zip past his bouncy chair, content when dad does bedtime, stubborn when I try and get him off my chest and into his crib for a nap (he holds on to my bra and even when he dozes off he keeps his eyes slightly open to make sure I don't move him to his crib). 

With a shift in Max, the focus has definitely come back to us individually, too. We've both been able to exercise more, alone and with each other. I've managed my first 4-run week back and had a lot of fun doing that. I've taken further stock of what needs work and where my progress has been good. Now that I have increased the volume again and some intensity, I have to be mindful of stretching, foam rolling, strengthening and postpartum recovery strength work. It's not necessarily a lot but I've been slack about it for a few weeks because I wasn't running that much. I also look at my body and there's certainly a plateau that I have hit about 3-5 pounds above my pre pregnancy weight and a long ways from my racing weight. I had heard about it from mothers and now I'm experiencing it myself. Ultimately I believe that the stress of having a baby accumulates further and further over the weeks and kicks our hormones out of place. That's difficult to control or recover from, so patience might be my best friend. 

The bigger commitment I am making as we go into month four, will be to improve my diet now that external factors aren't as much of an issue and to try and go to community acupuncture to get my balance back. 

July will be my first month back to marathon training and for that I want to be feeling good so it's time to get organized hop onto the feel-good-train. 

I have also come up with the idea to post a weekly challenge on social media for myself and whoever wants to join alternating the weeks between fitness and nutrition. So for example one week we all fit in 50 pushups each day (throughout the day) and a stretch, the next week we all eliminate refined sugars from our diet. One week is generally doable and with the help of a community there's accountability too. 

I look forward to sharing this with everyone.