Max is 16 weeks old

It's been a good month for Max, since my last post. We adjusted to the new normal, I practically weaned and Max has been growing, sleeping, cooing, smiling and playing like a champion.

At his last doctor's appointment, he weighed in at a whopping 14 pounds which my back can attest to after lugging him around in the carrier a lot (like to the United Nations, my old workplace). But the heavier he gets and stronger, the sooner, we will be able to whizz about in the jogging stroller sans car seat. 

Speaking of jogging strollers, I spent the last few weeks, testing and reviewing strollers for an upcoming piece on . It was a lot of fun, to compare features, pros and cons of seven strollers and between the children I borrowed and Max, fun was had, all around. Now it's time to get those strollers out of the apartment so we can have our space back. 

Apart from running with me, Max went to his first pool party and to the Hamptons beaches for the second time in his life. He rolled over a few times from belly to back, he can now hold his head up high and enjoys the new vantage point. He reaches for things and people and just a day ago, we heard him giggling for the first time. Next up: solid food! Very excited!

Zola on the other hand, got her first bad injury and cut a dime size piece from her paw. July 4th weekend was spent at the vet multiple times, administering antibiotics, a rabies shot, hand feeding her because she doesn't eat when she's in distress and applying silver ointment to her paw. Finally it's healing over because after a week of no running, she is losing her mind and so are we. 

I haven't had a lot to giggle about in my postpartum journey. The transition to focusing more on my health both emotional and physical has been bumpy. I had a breakthrough running week, clocking in at 29 miles and promptly felt my SI joint acting up (or worse? Nightmares of stress reactions, that I can't shake). I have been foam rolling, stretching, adjusting and trying to get my pelvis in alignment. So far it's under control and not terrible but the pain definitely returns. For a short while I was worried it might be kidney related pain, so next week I am seeing a urologist and a sports doctor. Emotionally, letting go of breastfeeding was not easy but I accepted it. Then came thoughts about how to expand my work again. But right now we are in a catch 22 that a lot of women in the US know well. Working part time doesn't leave much money for childcare and without childcare, working full time is impossible. I'm looking into options to leave Max in a daycare for a couple of days per week come September. Until then, he will be assistant coaching as he has been so far. 

In the meantime, training for Berlin and Chicago marathons is well underway and the Every Mother Counts team has been doing so well. NYC still has spots open, so if you want to run with me and be coached by me, send me an email and we can get you on the team. 

With summer here, work has slowed down a little for a few weeks. I'm working on a project that has been a long time in the making of opening a studio for all my services and more. I can't wait to share more info and plans with everyone. Stay tuned!