Max is 5 months old

... and I'm a few days behind. Officially he is 22 weeks old which still confuses me. By height he's more like a toddler and by weight he is average BUT we have started giving him solids to try. 


It is safe to say that Max isn't and won't be a picky eater. I have given him scrambled eggs, applesauce, yoghurt, polenta, small pieces of bread to munch on, sweet potato, butternut squash, peaches, and the list goes on. 

We are currently also trying the great blends by Little Spoon which are said to develop your baby's palate and have such creative combinations as pitaya with coconut oil and pineapple, spinach and banana. Our doctor said that food allergies in babies are usually imminently apparent and so far nothing has given Max any rashes or indigestion, not even (how can I forget) peanut butter. Very much to Zola's dismay. 

While Max is thriving, I have been diagnosed with postpartum hyperthyroidism, an autoimmune disease that seemed like it could never affect me. I'm healthy, fit, eat well generally and had an easy pregnancy. Well, my doctor explained that sometimes a suppressed immune during pregnancy, comes back with a vengeance post pregnancy and attacks the body. My friends agree that at least, it's the skinny kind... Unfortunately the symptoms aren't much more pleasant. Brain fog, dizziness, erratic/ high heart rate, no tolerance for heat, ravenous hunger/ no appetite, fatigue, muscle weakness. Not exactly ideal for a coach/ runner/ personal trainer. I am undergoing more tests before agreeing to medication and am crossing my fingers that this phase is indeed temporary. 

One thing, my friend, you must understand is that I lost when I did the best I could. I didn’t have anything, force or energy left. So I didn’t feel bad. I took it as a challenge. It was encouraging for the next competition
— Paul Tergat

Back to the fun side of things. Max has become quite chatty, he has (finally) laughed out loud and I find myself frantically coming up with new things so I can hear it over and over again. It is the BEST sound in the world. He likes standing supported but can't sit so he's quite happy to lie on his back and suck on his big toe. His favourite sleeping position is on his stomach (like his mama) and with his thumb in his mouth (not like his mama). Initially belly sleeping incited fears of SIDS in us but since we would turn him just to turn around and him turning back on his tummy we have given up, turned the video monitor sound up and check from time to time to see his back lift and lower. He seems happy as a clam. 

Currently we are on our first family beach vacation in Cape Cod which is very different with a baby. But we're finding our groove, figured out how to bring Max into bed in the morning for a snuggle and nudge him to just sleep a little while longer. He's stuck his toes in the sand and stood in the ocean for the first time, and loved it. Most evenings he is asleep when his head hits the mattress. 


When we get back, work for both of us will be very busy and I will explore a part-time day care option for Max. As many know I am also planning to open a studio space which has required patience and much support which I am glad I have been receiving from this great community of mine. 

It is crazy that 2017 has only about 4 months left. It's been a bit of a heavy year for many. Health wise it has been the hardest year for me in almost a decade but I wouldn't trade any of it for the bundle of joy that we received on March 19th. He makes every day brighter and we're so happy he's ours.