Max is eight weeks old

Happy Mother's Day to me and to all fellow first time mothers and veteran moms out there. What a beautiful day in May it was, to celebrate this Sunday baby's two month mark and a special day with Chris. 

In the last week Max has really turned on the charm. Many things make him smile and coo. Among them, Chris tickling his feet, Zola running up and down in front of him, me giggling at him or stroking his head, being milk drunk and people who give him broad smiles whether he knows them or not. He made quite the impression at the annual Every Mother Counts 'Mpower Luncheon' and it was great to be in a room of like-minded people who want to support EMC's efforts toward maternal health worldwide. 

Chris says Max has inherited my lopsided grin. Possible. There's nothing cuter than his lopsided grin though, as it often stretches into a full smile accompanied by a coo and detailed baby commentary of the day. 

He now hangs out in bed before falling asleep and will sometimes recap his day with sounds and facial expressions that we get to follow on the baby video monitor. We used to worry that it meant he wasn't tired or that it would be a precursor to screaming but it's just one personality trait that has emerged. And we find it very endearing. Needless to say. 

And then there's sleep... less endearing to say the least. We have finally adopted the "divide and conquer" strategy which isn't very romantic but not only do we split the night now, we split rooms too. We remind ourselves that we will eventually sleep in the same bed again sans baby. 

In the meantime we have half night shifts of watching Max while he sleeps in his own crib, on the video monitor. 

The biggest breakthrough have been three nights in a row of 5 and 5.5 hours. Naps during the day are still hit or miss partly due to the lack of everyday routine in my work schedule. It would be unreasonable of me to expect him to nap on a schedule when so many of my days are different. 

My work is going well and I love what I do. There are times when Chris and I discussed part time nanny options but Max feels terribly small to be left with a stranger. The other big issue is that I have a decent milk supply for him when I'm around but not much milk stored. 

I have been working on pumping more often to build up a bigger supply but it's not huge. Definitely not for a few full days of me away. Any and all recommendations are welcomed. Because otherwise we have been discussing supplementing formula too. I know this is a loaded topic but this child needs a LOT of food! 

As a Mother's Day gift Chris took the kids... ha, the dog and child to the park so I could run alone. Call me crazy but it made me really happy. I ran one of my favourite loops towards Greenpoint and back along the waterfront of Brooklyn. It was blustery and sunny and the perfect temperature and I had tears in my eyes and danced along while running to Spotify's "All 80s" soundtrack. 

I managed to get in 8 miles in an average of 8 minutes per mile and two miles significantly under 8 minutes. That was my last run before the half marathon. Or: "no sleep 'til Brooklyn"!

Next weekend I'll party all the way to the boardwalk in Coney Island.