Max is four weeks old

Remember how I said, that one week ago I finally looked in the mirror? Well this week Chris and I finally looked up at each other. Then we promptly went from breakthrough mode in the sleep department to three consecutive very short nights and thus the "whisper wars" commenced. 

Another thing nobody really talks about during those first few weeks, is what toll keeping a child alive can take on your relationship. We always make up in the morning and guffaw at our cooing and adorable son but at night when we hand over between 1 and 2am, tensions run high. 

The night is dark and full of terrors... wise words from a friend. 

So of course, just when we had bathtime figured out and had him down and sleeping around 8:30pm, we decided to do a little over night trip to the Hamptons. Cue the madness! How does a 4 week old need more luggage than we do? Should I hand express milk into a (semi-clean) bottle in the car because I can't take him out of the car seat to nurse (and he is screaming all the way from exit 20-40 on the Long Island Expressway)? How does one sleep in one room with a dog and a sister when the tiniest of us may very well keep us all awake? What is in gripe water that seems to calm him almost instantly? 

Well, I am happy to report that we made it there and back in one piece. We enjoyed two lovely days with beach strolls and breathing sea air. We ate good food and saw friends for dinner and we will definitely do it again, now that we feel like we got the hang of it. 

More importantly, the one critical night, that we all needed to recover, Max slept like a champ. Maybe because of the fresh air but he even kept his farts, belches and general noisiness at bay so that when we brought him into our bed at 6:30am, we were all able to doze off again until 9am. I feel like a million bucks! 

Outside of that, I started working again. Oh yes.. did I mention that we like to pile it on? 

So on the day that Chris had the arguably biggest presentation of his recent months, I jumped back in to teach a 7am class. Never could I have imagined how much preparation would go into pumping, pre-napping, going to bed early and out the door on time, to teach one (GLORIOUS) hour of exercise and be ready for a subsequent appointment with the babe. 

Another fun fact? All the people I saw this week are in worse shape than me after a few weeks off, hehe. But man did I enjoy seeing everyone again, handing the baby off and the autonomy of knowing that there was enough pumped milk for me not to have to worry or rush back. Is that not motherly of me? 

Within these few workouts, I managed to also test my running legs and lungs a little bit. I'm happy to report that the legs cooperated well and the lungs will follow. I have yet to pump enough to be able to work and do a run in the same day, I'm afraid, so it's more of a supply and time constraint. But it feels palpable and with the weather improving even the sleepless nights, don't seem too daunting anymore. 

I will get there this week I think. I'm also enjoying seeing nice people for casual sunny lunches and coffees as I work less currently and being a lot more social and slowed down than I have been pre and during my pregnancy. 

I can't believe that our Spring equinox baby is a solid month old. He looks different, he is growing like a weed, he is almost long enough to fit into 3 month old clothing and slowly filling out a bit more. 

Enjoy Spring, everyone! Before we know it, it will be Summer and we will - in good ol' New York fashion - complain about the heat and humidity and this baby will be a 3 month old...