Max is seven weeks old

On Monday I posted a desperate text to my Instagram asking women for advice regarding tongue tie and couldn't have been more impressed with the response and kind words. Women truly come together when it matters. 

Max has done pretty well this week. Meaning he is actually eating even more so I have started to top him up with pumped milk whenever he goes to bed and for one longer nap in the day. So basically I pump while he nurses and then twice a day we speed things up with the bottle with said milk. Seems terribly inefficient to me but sure beats 90 minute nursing sessions. Then I pump when he sleeps for some surplus for when Chris has him. 

It seems to be working. Of course if Max had his way he would be on me all day and nurse around the clock but mama needs some autonomy and now when his belly is full we interact differently. He tells me stories over nappy changes. He tells his sleepsheep sound machine stories that i get to follow on the baby monitor. And a rested baby wakes up happy. Smiles all around. 

I've also noticed that he is sticking his tongue out more almost as if to show me how he is exercising it. 

The best night's sleep was two stretches of 4 hours each. A bit of a fluke in an otherwise long week but he is showing us that it's possible so I have high hopes for our future. We are also learning that in order to have a well functioning child, i.e. smiling and not overtired, there is a certain schedule that we should try to adhere to. Ah, I miss the times when weekends were carefree and spent randomly napping, eating, drinking cocktails and being out and about. 

We set Sunday aside to be 'good' and after one long nap in the stroller during my run, a longer nap in the carrier during coffee, Max took two naps in his crib like a big boy after nursing, put down drowsy but not asleep and managed to self-soothe before sleeping for about an hour each time. While that's not terribly long, it certain felt amazing to use both hands for those two hours. That's while watching the video monitor intently, praying that he would stay asleep. 

My personal week was busy working and I feel quite strong but running has not been possible except once and it throws my week off completely. I knew that trying to keep a routine for Max was more important and we've had some dreadful weather but I miss the days when I would just throw on a pair of running shoes and head out the door. 

So yesterday morning I rallied some of my favourite moms for a nice long run in Prospect Park. We managed to do over 6 miles at 9:20ish pace with the stroller and some considerable hills. Two weeks until the Brooklyn Half Marathon and I think I'll be able to pace my friend Del to a sub 2 hour half marathon. Babysteps. I will try and get in at least one 9 mile run in this week and maybe something slightly faster or a fartlek and then see if I can get some rest ahead of Brooklyn Half. 

Haha, who am I kidding? I'll focus on taking my vitamins and staying hydrated. The "rest" (ha! Get it?) is up to Max :)

Wish me luck and sleep!