Max is 6 weeks old

I vaguely remember when starting this series that I was going to stop at six weeks. Since clearly that was the magic day when everything was going to fall into place. My body be healed and Max would sleep for at least 5 hour stretches. 

Good news: Max is alert, a smiling little boy who is thriving and has put on 3.5 pounds since birth, over 40% of his tiny body. The lactation consultant said normally an 11 pound six week old would have multiple chins but he's also quite long so we are currently only counting one extra chin. 

Bad news: Max is on the low end of being tongue tied. Not enough to require the snip but definitely enough to make him a rather inefficient eater resulting in less milk he takes in from the breast per feeding. Means: frequent feeding = doesn't sleep for very long. He also gets lazy on the breast and takes cat naps... sorry, dog naps.

Naps... while he takes them on me, I don't nap nearly as long as I wish I could. 

Hence the solution has been to top him up with a bottle after nursing at bedtime so his belly is full and yesterday he slept for 4 hours in one stretch. Then his belly rebelled against the new amounts of liquid and we spent the early hours of the morning pumping the gas out and soothing on the breast. Then we went for a run with Zola and shook the gas out. 

On that: I did my first stroller run with Zola and Max. My lungs didn't burn this much pregnant going up a hill. That's a serious workout and while I enjoyed it, I am in awe of women who push more than one child and older children. Max loved it. He got a bit fussy which I assumed meant hunger but really he wanted me to lift the blinds on the car seat and was drinking in his rapidly (well... not so rapidly) changing surroundings. Zola pranced along, tennis ball in mouth, approving of this thing that finally kept his mouth shut and came along for her favourite pastime. How could anyone not love being in the park on a Sunday morning? She kept leaping up by the stroller as if to peek at Max asking him if he was as excited about off-leash time as she was. 

Which brings us to my recovery. By next week I shall be cleared by my doctor to resume exercise. Ahem... 

I've felt good. I weighed myself for the first time since being weighed at my 38 week appointment and am about 3-5 pounds away from my pre pregnancy weight (mind you I was marathon fit just 2 months prior) . I have managed another three runs this week but my core rebuilding hasn't been quite as disciplined. Pushing 30 pounds up multiple hills today I could tell and will need to make that a priority. 

I've still been trying to get a nap in when Max naps and can feel a huge difference in my mood, physical energy and even my milk-flow when I do. I wake up and can pump good amounts post nursing. We've eaten more home cooked meals and less junk and sugar. But, I had a few days when I barely met my caloric goal and with NYC humidity picking up I could tell. Another item to keep high on my list. Too many women suffer stress fractures later postpartum from lack of calories, lack of sleep and lack of good nutrition. Vitamin D3 and iron are closely linked and both contribute to healthy bones. So I'm still supplementing with my prenatal vitamin and will have my blood checked as soon as I can. 

Three weeks until my first half marathon of 2017 too. I'm not pushing my participation but I would love to do it. I will know more in two weeks about how my body feels and will make a firm decision then. 

Wish me sleep, friends. Typed one-handed while breastfeeding...