Max is two weeks old

Woof! What appeared to be a good first week in the sleep department, went south rapidly with a very fussy baby that apparently hates the bassinet and being swaddled.

We always knew that Max likes the thinker pose. There was never a clear shot of his face on the ultrasound and when he was born he came out with his hand in front of his face. Hence my stitches. Thanks, kid!


So what's new this second week after what someone referred to the early honeymoon phase of week 1? Turns out, we have a super chill and happy baby between the hours of 9am and 9pm. He naps, hangs out on a playmat, sleeps on firm surfaces and smiles (yes, he smiles AT me!). He charms visiting friends (thank you for the food, clothes and love) and sleeps through restaurant dinners.

After 12am, this same baby fusses in his sleep, farts like a sailor, breaks out of anything resembling a swaddle and wakes from the deepest slumber if placed in the bassinet. 

A big shoutout to everyone that has reminded me that this too shall pass, that structure at this point is an illusion and that anything goes to promote sleep in the adults. So the Snuza plus Rock'nPlay it is. Thank you 4 hour stretch of sleep!

How have I been recovering amidst this? Two weeks is the longest I would usually take off from exercising after a marathon. I'm in a weird in between state of retained fitness, less pain from delivery and - believe it or not - motivation to attempt a workout or run. I even got caught in a bit of rain without the stroller rain cover the other day and jogged back home the last half mile. My doctor would disapprove, but man did I feel empowered. 

That being said, I am still keeping it cool. I have checked my abs for diastasis recti and while there isn't a gap, I am doing exercises for my abs and pelvic floor on a irregular schedule. I've started doing random squats around the house. I've tried jumping jacks to see if my bladder would hold up (it did!). 

I am also aware that there is a lot happening in my body on a hormonal level and that the balance between well-being and falling off a cliff with fatigue is a delicate one. That is why I'm very careful at resuming anything that would add a strain and definitely not thinking about anything structured or resembling training. 

Every morning I wake up and get past the initial lethargy of a short night, I try and take a shower and get out of the house even if it's just for a coffee across the street. This has done wonders for my mental state which in turn has allowed me to open my eyes to the wonder of a small 8.5 pound baby boy that has opened our hearts wider than we could have possibly imagined!