Nourish - The Fit Woman's Cookbook (Review)

After reading the news of how one blogger was treated after announcing that she was going to stop being vegan I was pretty upset. However when I received the opportunity by Fit Approach and Lorna Jane to pre-read Nourish, The Fit Woman's Cookbook I was delighted to be given the opportunity to review a book that embraces a holistic approach to all food and gives readers the tools to create fantastic healthy dishes regardless of their preferences.

Lorna Jane looks like the epitome of what she 'preaches'. Radiant, happy, fit and content. I had been first introduced to her brand by my in-laws in Australia and am happy to see that she is now taking the US by storm with her positive attitude to (women's) health and fitness and NUTRITION.


The book includes smoothies, dips, salad dressings, mouthwatering main dishes and (most importantly!) dessert! The measurements are given metric and imperial which makes things much easier for this European gal! The book also includes explanations of the ingredients and their benefits.

The suggested shopping list is simple yet complete and the photographs that go along with the recipes are stunning!

Lorna Jane emphasizes the importance to eat for well-being and to stop dieting. She understands what women need to thrive and makes sure that while being a fit woman's cookbook, Nourish doesn't ever leave you feel like you are deprived of something.

If you wish to change your body, she includes eating plans for various stages:

Her recipes are broken down into:

  • Eating Plan to Get You Started
  • Eating Plan for Energy
  • Eating Plan to Cleanse


I personally have tried the smoothie recipes and can't wait to create my first dinner. I will make sure to share it with you.

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