Review: Vega Sport Workout Energizer


So this review is long overdue but what better day than Labor Day, to release it? I have just finished my biggest month yet. 180 miles in August (and super lucky with the weather). Tempo runs, speed work on the track and long runs and I feel good. As mentioned in my last review of the Vega Sport Recovery Accelerator, it's almost like a magic potion. I work hard, I drink it, I feel much better the next day without losing the adaptation in my body.

So the next logical step was to see if I could step up my game by using the vega sport pre-workout energizer and the sugar free energizer during sessions.

The way I used them was to drink one before a workout and the other during particularly during a track workout. The flavours I had were 'lemon lime' and 'Acai berry'.

Full disclosure, following the recommendations for drinking the pre-workout energizer only 20 minutes before heading out for a tempo run, didn't work for me. I am quite fond of the recovery accelerator flavour but this one, wasn't as easy on the stomach particularly a stomach that was "nervous" about hitting target paces. But I spoke to the team at Vega Sport and they suggested to use more water (makes sense, duh!) and I started drinking it up to 75 minutes before heading out.

It worked. I was able to hit paces in the tempo run that I haven't seen since my active athlete days and maintain them at a good heart rate over the course of 5,6,7 miles. Apart from feeling physically strong I also felt mentally strong. I remember telling a friend of mine recently that I felt like "I was flying". I finished all of those workouts strong and that definitely made me go into the next similar workouts more confident almost looking forward to them... almost.

As for the sugar-free energizer, it is one of my big pet peeves. I think the first thing people should eliminate if they are serious about making progress, is sugar. So I was happy to hear that this product is sugar free. The taste is ok, it goes down easy and I used it during recovery laps at speed workouts. It is not too heavy so I didn't feel like I needed to flush it down with water. I would usually drink water before and after the workout.

To sum these two items up:

  • Taste: good - not as good as the recovery accelerator but never over sweet;
  • When to use: mentally and physically hard workouts. Speed and tempo will fly by easier and you will be able to stay focused and strong;
  • How often do I use them? One of each, once per week. Which leads me to:
  • Price: $29.99 for the 12-pack the pre-workout energizer will last you through 2/3 of your marathon training plan. The sugar-free energizer for $49.99 is a bit on the pricier end, but you get 30 sachets that will last you a while.

I also just saw that Vega Sport is selling a starter kit on sale for $19.99... click on the link on my blog page and make sure to check it out. That way you can also see what flavours you like and then decide on the bigger packs or tubs.

Enjoy and good luck training for your next race!


It wouldn't be a workout that makes you better, if it were easy. Would it now? ;-)

vega sport review