Running my first Half Marathon in 5 years


Race day is almost upon us... well me. On Sunday, March 16th the fruit of my hard and cold labour will finally pay off when I will be running 13.1 miles through Manhattan on behalf of Every Mother Counts. Many of my friends have supported my fundraising effort and even more are supporting me with their enthusiasm. One at least will be at the start with me, Chris, and together we have become very enthusiastic about my first participation in an official race since my last (pre-sciatica) half marathon in 2009.

Preparing for the day reminds me of my olden days as an athlete, just that now my recovery time is much longer than at age 18. I remember the butterflies, knowing that the preparation went well and enjoying the tapering / calm before the storm before the event.

Some people think me nuts for getting into it so much but I can't help it. I'm proud I healed myself and am able to run again and on top of that with a goal: a sub 1:50 hrs. half marathon.

So how do I stay calm and happy before?

  • I am tapering, running much less and giving my legs a rest. The runs that I do are fun and easy. The last thing I want is to go into the day exhausted.
  • I am eating well and staying away from sugar and drinks, meanwhile focusing on hydrating as much as I can.
  • I foam roll and do yoga to remove scar tissue from previous tough workouts and to lengthen and strengthen the muscles that I'll need on Sunday.
  • I take me-time during the day to reflect on how to make the whole experience positive despite there being some nervousness and many people and it being a long distance to finish.
  • I bribe my husband to give me foot and IT band massages.
  • I envision the joy at the finish line.
  • I talk to fellow EMC runners about tips and tricks that they might have.
  • I familiarize myself with the route, start, finish, the amazing amount of things one can buy for races these days and try to decide whether I should carry my own drink/ food or not.
  • I plan the next race... hoping I will be accepted to run the full NYC Marathon this year!

This last point may be weird but it's the best thing to do. So that when I cross the finish line, there's a next idea to look forward to.

If you want to track me on Sunday, I will post all that information on my Facebook page, soon!

What is the next challenge that you have come up with for yourself? Let me know in the comments here or on social media!