American Sports - an outsider's view


Let's face it, I don't really get American sports... Basketball somewhat... I'm tall so everyone asks if I played it. I didn't. American Football seems to me like a bunch of guys hitting each other over an awkwardly shaped ball and not getting very far. And lastly Baseball, the only sport in which athletes can chew tobacco while on the field. And it feels like it takes FOREVER! I grew up in a crazy soccer nation. We are  one of the leading countries in World Championship titles and I sure hope it stays that way next year in Brazil!

Don't get me wrong I'm interested in learning the rules of each American game but while I do, I like to observe the fans at sports events here, like last night at the Brooklyn Nets vs. Utah Jazz game in Barclay's Center.

Oh did I mention that I also had my first ever Nathan's hotdog? It's been 10 years since I first came to NYC and I used to live on the Upper Westside. Oh well...

One thing that was unbelievable to me here (and now I've seen everything but NFL) is the amount of security that goes on in order to get into the stadium. And the fans here are usually much less rowdy! Then there is the unbelievable amounts of food and drink. I don't think anybody's footlong hotdog with chilli sauce and cheese would survive the first wave of happiness or anger in the stadium. Here people expertly balance HUGE drinks and trays of food while they climb across others to their seat and throughout the first quarter. Everybody in the stadium seems to be trying to get on camera... People wear outfits, they dance, they do all kinds of things, and when they finally make it onto the screen, they are ecstatic.

All while a few good men are playing a highly paid sport and are super focused.

Now if you compare that to soccer: hooligans get into the stadium and cause a lot of ruckus, they can be dangerous and they don't care about security. Food is often overrated at those games, it wouldn't survive the spontaneous outbursts anyway. Drinks are consumed, a lot which doesn't add to more security. And then lastly people wear their jerseys religiously! And flags and hats and more... or much less as shown in this article. The game is followed with a lot of passion and it's usually super high paced so you snooze you lose. Leaving a soccer match adrenaline runs high, temperaments flare up and usually the alcohol on an empty stomach may have not been such a great idea.

So... I'm adjusting to my new home. I like the more leisurely way of watching sports here. The fact that I can eat and drink and the half time entertainment.

I have yet to go to a football game and once I do, I'll let you know if it confirms my experience so far.

Until then I have to watch enough of the other sports to pick a favourite team. Maybe my inner soccer hooligan is gonna come out once I do.

Which one is your favourite team in any given sport? Let me know in the comments!