Thou shall not talk Sh*t


Did everyone see the red moon during the night from the 14th to the 15th? We had a beautiful lunar eclipse and a full moon which in itself is said to be very powerful for new beginnings. I've talked about paying attention to the moon in previous blog posts, it's basically a fresh start every 4 weeks to set a new intention, maybe jumpstart exercise or give thanks.

This new moon I made a pledge. I shall not talk sh*t for 28 days. What does talking sh*t mean?

  1. Quite literally it can mean that I look at situations around me and don't judge them. We are all drawn to it but I think by not engaging in it by actually saying out loud what I think, I can start paying less attention to things that - frankly - are none of my bloody business.
  2. I pledge to not diminish my worth. This is big because of that small voice in my head that can get quite loud whenever I get insecure and tell me everything that is wrong with me in any given situation.
  3. Choosing my words wisely in my closest relationships. When I'm impatient, I can fly off the handle and get very blunt. These next 28 days will be an exercise in self-restraint to see if that is actually necessary.
  4. I will journal. I will give myself a channel in which I can express emotions and then read them back immediately or 24 hours later and see if they make sense.
  5. I will not engage in someone else's complaints. Have you noticed how if one person in the office starts complaining it triggers the same need in everyone around? Imagine filling a lunch hour with talking about uplifting things, passions and dreams. Now that's a refreshing way to get back to work.

If you want you can join me on my 28 days. Let me know in the comments how you go and if it's working or how it affects your relationships.

Wishing everyone a beautiful Spring week!