I have been a sports enthusiast since early childhood so after several years at the United Nations, I returned to sports and founded Chitta Wellness to help others.

When I was 12 years old and after several years of competing in track and field, I was approached by a coach at a fencing summer camp and the sport became one of the five disciplines in my Modern Pentathlon career. I competed nationally and later internationally for the next 12 years, and as part of the German National Team from 1997 until 2002. I traveled competed and trained on the highest level under the watchful eye of my coach and doctors at the Sports Institute of the University of Bayreuth. This is where I soon developed my love for the science side of training and decided to pursue a Masters Degree in sports science and exercise physiology at the University of Cologne.

My love for sports has always been deeply rooted in the emotional benefits I drew from it. As a half Kenyan running is in my blood and it has always soothed me and given me clarity. But my passion for running came to an end when a stressful office job caused sciatic pain so severe, that by the end of that year I had become immobile to the point of not being able to walk or sit without chronic debilitating pain. Determined to go back to running and opposing doctors that suggested surgery on my lumbar spine, I decided to work on healing myself through new approaches and exercises which I remembered from my days as a pro athlete. By today I am 99% pain free, running marathons and coaching (aspiring) runners, expecting and new mothers and many others.

In recent years, I have been lucky to established myself as a prenatal and postpartum exercise specialist by working with several hundred mothers in Brooklyn, Manhattan and Queens. Through this work, I have expanded my repertoire of perinatal fitness programs for individuals, I have witnessed the importance of bringing new mothers together in small groups and showing them how to find their center again physically and emotionally through dedicated workshops. The pre-conception through postpartum period is one of the most important in a woman’s life, it is one that I love to witness and that deserves special care which I can provide you with.

I focus on making exercise fun, diverse and stimulating emotionally and physically to ensure the sustainability of your progress. I am a firm believer in positive encouragement and working together to help you discover the joy of healthy living.

Throughout the years I have studied various sports under many great teachers and thus draw from disciplines such as traditional conditioning, cardio, strength, yoga, martial arts, and dance. With the knowledge from my Masters degree in sports science and my experiences as an elite athlete, I will help you feel and look your best.

When I am not coaching, I am back training as a runner and compete supporting the maternal health non-profit organization Every Mother Counts. 

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