I first chose to work with Roma after reading through her website and some of her blog posts and realizing that I agreed with her theories on health and fitness. I’ve never worked with a trainer before and wasn’t sure what to expect, but Roma put me right at ease and we had a great first workout. Ever since then, I look forward to our weekly workouts and always leave feeling stronger and more energized. Roma is beyond knowledgeable about so many different techniques and types of exercise. We never have the same workout twice, she is always changing it up, keeping things fun and interesting, and catering to my needs and the types of exercise I like the best! We do everything from yoga to martial arts and boxing, to strength training and fun cardio exercises. I have had such a wonderful experience working with Roma, I am even motivated to work out on my own, and practice some of my favorite exercises of hers throughout the week. I continue to feel myself getting stronger and have seen positive changes in my body from the very beginning. I could not recommend Roma and her services more highly. She has so much to offer and truly is an inspiration and a joy to work with!
— Tarra
Roma created a challenging but fun hour of cardio exercises, stretches and yoga to help me stay in shape while pregnant. She’s also very pleasant to work with. I highly recommend her!
— Salma
Roma is an exceptional trainer who tailors your workout to your needs but also knows how to push your limits. But working out with her is more than just a workout. She’s not just a great athlete, she’s also a great human being, who is full of enthusiasm and shares her energy with you. It’s not just a business for her, a great personal experience that brings a human touch, which we so need in a place like New York. This makes working out a real pleasure you look forward to. I should add, I am 8-months pregnant and exhausted, but working out with Roma three times a week is the only thing that gives me energy these days. Besides going to the doctor, it’s the only appointment I never cancel and it’s just as critical to me!
— Danielle
These classes have really opened my eyes to how wonderful working out can be-not just physically but also in terms of the sense of community that comes along with working out along side a great group of women.
— Anonymous
Even though I played competitive sports when I was younger, I have never really enjoyed working out all that much, so I was a little worried about working with a personal trainer, but my partner and I were determined to start getting in shape. We found Roma’s website, read through her blog posts and immediately felt as though she would be the perfect person for us to work with. It was clear how passionate, knowledgeable and professional Roma is and she confirmed this during the very first session. Each session since has been fun, challenging and extremely personalized. We never do the same routine twice and she truly pays attention to what motivates me. On days when I am struggling, she knows when to be gentle and when to push me so that I come out feeling extremely strong and accomplished. I would highly recommend Roma to any of my friends.
— Becky
My workout with Chitta Wellness was fantastic - Roma tailored the workout to my needs which is a challenge. I will definitely work with her again!
— Tiffany