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Cardio / June 20, 2017

What supplements would work well with a spring/summer cardio plan?

Bonus Question: Why is it so important to stay hydrated during this time? Have you ever experienced a situation where someone became extremely dehydrated?

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Well, it seems as if it is that time of year again. Everyone is beginning to "cut" in an attempt to lose that body fat they gained over the winter months. What does this mean for any given bodybuilder? This means a change in diet, and an increase in good old cardio.

This is usually not pleasing to the ear of a bodybuilder who has come accustomed to eating everything in sight, and only expending large amounts of energy during weight lifting. I mean honestly, who wants to sit on the stationary bike and stare at the wall any longer than necessary.

I will show you how to burn fat more efficiently, and spend LESS time in the gym. If you struggle with staying motivated for cardio, and need to lose some fat for the beach, then by all means continue reading.

For quite a while it has been accepted that low-intensity cardio was the best for burning fat. According to studies this method burned the calories primarily from fat. This has recently been disproved, as a new and exciting way to perform cardio has arisen.

You transition from low-moderate intensity intervals to very high intensity intervals. If you judge by the readout on the given exercise machine, you might assume that going at a low intensity for 30-45 minutes would burn more calories than 15 minutes OR LESS utilizing HIIT. This is not true, however, as many of the calories you burn come after you leave the gym (When performing HIIT).

15 minutes may seem to good to be true to lose weight, but it is not. However, you must keep in mind this is no walk in the park. This is very demanding, but extremely rewarding and time-saving. HIIT will support your metabolism so that you are burning calories later in the day. You will burn fat if calories out exceed calories in, and you will expend more calories by choosing HIIT.

HIIT can be performed on many different exercise machines, as well as outside or on the track. In all situations, make sure to warm up for about 3-5 minutes. Once you are ready to go, you will begin your intervals.

As a beginner start with 30 seconds at a moderate pace (approx 50% maximum effort) and after 30 seconds go as hard as you can for 30 seconds. Then repeat. If performing on an exercise machine other than the treadmill, make sure to rev up the intensity level so that it is challenging for you.

Complete a total of 5-8 intervals your first time. You will find it more difficult than it sounds. Once you are spent, take another 3-5 minutes to cool down. That's all you have to do. Only 5-8 minutes of actual working sets, and you are on your way to shedding some serious fat.

What Supplements Would Work Well With A Spring/Summer Cardio Plan?

Whenever starting a new workout regimen, it is extremely important to consult your doctor. When doing so, you should also consult with your doctor to see if the following supplements are okay for you.

The majority of them are the basics, and very safe. However, certain people have conditions which make it unwise to take these. Problems may arise with the fat burners in particular. Assuming you are healthy, however, there should be no negative effects as long as the directions are followed correctly.


The majority of vitamins and minerals should come from the whole foods that you consume. However, the average diet will not be able to attain the level necessary, especially when exercising. When stepping up your program and cardio, it becomes even more essential to consume a multi-vitamin.

My Top 3 Recommendations:


Many people tend to avoid creatine when attempting to lose weight due to the possible bloating effects it may have. Even if this does occur, it will not hinder your fat loss. Creatine is great for maintaining your strength when in a calorie deficit. Since you will be attempting to lose weight, I recommend some cheap bulk creatine monohydrate.

Here Are 3 Affordable Options:


Short for branched-chain amino acids, BCAA's are extremely important when upping the cardio. BCAA's will allow you to hold onto that muscle when dieting down. It will spare your muscles when you are performing cardio, so that you do not become catabolic.

My Favorites Include:

Whey Protein

Supplementing whey protein will allow you to reach your daily target. When cutting it is very important to have plenty of protein, which can be difficult to attain with all whole foods.

When your daily diet is not enough, whey protein shakes can be very convenient and affordable. Here are my two favorite brands:

Fat Burners

The supplements I have listed so far will provide you with everything you need to lose fat, assuming your diet and exercise program are in check. However, if you need a little extra help to shed those last few pounds, these following fat burners may assist you.

These are my personal recommendations:

Stimulant Fat Burners:

These will give you some extra energy you need while training with low calories, and will help suppress your appetite.

Non-stimulant Fat Burners:

These contain no stimulants whatsoever.

There are certainly other options and alternatives out there, however I don't believe you need more than these recommendations. Remember, diet and exercise is the most important part, and a fat burner will do nothing if these are not in check.

Why Is It So Important To Stay Hydrated During This Time? Have You Ever Experienced A Situation Where Someone Became Extremely Dehydrated?

When you are expending so much energy performing cardio, your body will lose plenty of water. It is very important to replace these fluids so that you do not become dehydrated. Water is essential for numerous functions of the body, including in the brain.

When dehydration occurs, these processes get performed less efficiently, and can lead to serious problems. You will certainly become light-headed, and your short term memory will immediately be affected. Water is essential for processes such as maintaining blood pressure, body temperature, as well as digestion.

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